Our Approach

Our firm’s unique approach to client representation is to customize our services around the client’s specific technology or intellectual property and business goals and objectives.

Focus on the Technology or IP in the Transaction

We understand that technical transactions often fail because there was never any real understanding or agreement by the parties on the core technical and business issues, which should have been fundamental to the understanding.  We take the position that the best way to avoid such a failure is to develop a deep understanding of the technical and business aspects of the transaction before we deliver many of our standard transactional services.  Our attorneys have the technical know-how to ask the targeted questions necessary to achieve this level of technical and business understanding of the proposed transaction.

Build Understanding of Technical Expectations

In keeping with this approach, we generally kick-off each of our new client project with a deep-dive technical discussion about how the technology or intellectual property at the core of the transaction should work, in order to develop a better understanding of the anticipated technical expectations of each party regarding that technology or intellectual property, as appropriate.  We also like to understand what the future plans are for that technology and intellectual property and how those plans may impact the parties’ respective expectations.

Anticipate Changing Needs of Parties over Relationship

In addition to our focus on the technical and intellectual property aspects of the transaction, we also ask questions about the parties’ respective business goals and plans surrounding the transaction.   We understand that a technical relationship does not end with the signing of a contract, and that a well-drafted agreement should anticipate the changing and developing relationship of the parties over the life of the contract.  Our attorneys have the depth of technical and intellectual property knowledge to be able to anticipate the respective needs of the parties as the relationship changes and develops.

Uncover Potential Business Challenges

We further make a practice of asking significant questions to anticipate the potential technical and business challenges that might come up over the life of the relationship. We understand that the best way avoid future breakdown of technical and intellectual property relationships is to anticipate the technical and business challenges that may arise before the relationship starts, and to draft around those issues.  Our attorneys have developed the longtime niche industry experience and skills required to ask the right questions as necessary to uncover these potential issues.

Highly Technical, Customized Approach

In sum, what sets our firm’s approach apart from our law firm competitors is that we deliver highly technical, customized services which are uniquely tailored to each of our clients’ unique technical, intellectual property, and business needs and objectives.  We will see our clients’ technical contracts as representing a uniquely differentiated offering and not just another cookie-cutter business transaction.

For more information about how your organization would benefit from our technical, customized approach, please schedule an appointment or contact us today.


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